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January 8, 2020

This was the best experience I’ve had with a law office. Kayleigh was super helpful and answered all my questions. She made my process so easy I hated myself for not using them sooner.

— Sean S.

November 14, 2017

Rick was highly recommended to me.

When I met Rick, my custody situation and my emotions were out of control. I had spent 3 years working with an attorney who I did not like, felt stuck to use and in my opinion did not give me the proper advice for my situation. I was extremely frustrated, depleted and lost all confidence in the custody process when I met Rick.

After doing my initial consultation with Rick, I knew I wanted him to take my case and realized that I wish I had met him from day one.

My experience working with Rick over the past 6 years is that he took the time to listen to me, get to know me and he knew what was important to me as a parent. Rick was honest with me about his analysis of my case and he was straight forward with me about each situation that arose. For any situation that arose, he formulated a plan of action and explained it thoroughly to me so there were no surprises.

Rick was compassionate when I was upset, had a great sense of humor when it was appropriate, was calm when I was emotional and no matter what, it didn’t matter the severity of each situation that arose, I ALWAYS felt better, secure and at ease after speaking with Rick. Rick knows the law better than any attorney, he commanded results and achieved them. He is highly respected within the court room and it was apparent each time we went to court. I felt confident knowing that Rick was representing me in the court room. I never doubted his advice. Rick did everything he said he was going to do and because of that I have the utmost trust in him.

I needed someone to take control of my case, to stand up for me and protect my rights as a parent, to help me regain my voice as a parent, someone to put my child’s best interests first and foremost in the court room and someone who could stand up and fight for my situation. He did exactly that. I am so grateful to rick and his fantastic team who made themselves available any time I needed them and even when it wasn’t urgent.

My custody situation has improved tremendously and I am so grateful to have worked with Rick because his efforts and guidance to me over the past 6 years laid the foundation for the healthy co-parenting relationship I have today. My co-parenting relationship today is what I had dreamt it to be when I first met with Rick and Rick helped me lay the foundation for the positive changes that have happened in my case. It is a complete 180 from what it was and my child has benefited tremendously from it all. I am forever grateful. I highly recommend Rick and anyone who Rick represents is in excellent hands without a doubt.

— Anonymous


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