It is understandable to want your divorce over as quickly as possible. Getting a divorce can be less difficult on the whole family with a fast and efficient process.

The time it will take to finalize your divorce depends on the factors of your case. A complex, contested divorce will typically take longer, while one in which both parties agree will be shorter. Every case is unique.

Contested vs. uncontested divorce

A contested divorce means one or both parties do not agree to the proposed terms of the split. One spouse may disagree with custody arrangements, a parenting plan, child support or property division. A contested divorce can lead to family law litigation. Litigation is most common in divorce cases involving custody issues, complex property and longer marriages. A contested divorce could take a year or longer to resolve.

An uncontested divorce is one in which both spouses compromise on the terms of the dissolution. An uncontested divorce will not require a trial, but instead settle via mediation or alternative dispute resolution. Both parties are typically cordial during uncontested divorce cases, making for a faster process. An uncontested divorce is most common in shorter marriages and those without kids. An uncontested divorce can reach finalization in months.

Shortening your divorce timeline

If you wish to minimize the cost and time of your divorce case in Sacramento, turn to legal guidance and support. Hiring a family law attorney to take over your divorce can help you avoid common mistakes that could lengthen the process. Your lawyer can work with you and your spouse to reach a satisfactory resolution.

Even if you and your spouse cannot agree on the terms of your divorce, legal counsel during a trial can speed up litigation and minimize your timeline. Lawyers can quickly fill out and file the correct paperwork, build a case, gather evidence and take care of other matters related to your case. Using a law firm to litigate your divorce case can make the process go more smoothly.